»» Establish a New Fund

Discover how great it feels to give strategically! When you establish a fund at the Community Foundation, you join hundreds of other Northern Colorado residents who use our smart, convenient, low-maintenance giving vehicles to achieve their philanthropic dreams.

It's easy to establish your own charitable fund. In fact, preparing and processing the fund agreement can take less than an hour.

  1. Select the type of charitable fund that best meets your goals. Our staff can outline your options and discuss the advantages of each.
  2. Complete a simple governing document called a fund agreement (to review sample fund agreements, please visit the Publications and Document page). Our staff will work with you to ensure that the fund agreement makes your intentions clear.
  3. Select a name for your fund. You can use your name, that of a family member, the name of a favorite cause, or choose a name that allows you to remain anonymous.
  4. Depending on the type of fund you establish, you may designate fund advisors, such as yourself and spouse, and successor advisors, such as your children. These details will be included in your fund agreement.
  5. Make an establishing gift (visit the Types of Gifts page to learn more). You receive a tax deduction at the time the fund is established, and also when additional contributions are made to the fund.

Our staff can help you achieve your philanthropic dreams. Call our office at (970) 224-3462 to take the first step.

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